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Bio Huma Netics, Our History

Product Testimonial: Trent Graybill

Trent Graybill—representing Soilcraft in the USA state of Washington—discusses his experience using Huma Gro® products on tree fruits. “Tissue analysis shows that with Huma Gro® products we have the most elevated nutrient levels we’ve ever seen. We’re also seeing increased fruit set, better color, and higher quality.

Product Testimonial: Dr. Bülent Özekici

Dr. Bülent Özekici—representing SBN Agro in Adana, Turkey—has been using products on a citrus plantation since 2010. He began by doing product tests for 3 years, but is now using full Huma Gro® programs on his trees.

Product Testimonial: Adolfo Meneses

Adolfo Meneses—representing Agroinnova S.A. in Costa Rica—talks about his experience conducting Huma Gro® product trials for his company since 2010. Agroinnova now has 22 Huma Gro® products registered in Costa Rica and anticipates registering at least 10 more.

Product Testimonial: Roy Candelaria

Roy Candelaria—representing Oracle Chemical Corporation in the Philippines—talks about his company being a pioneer in the organic movement and the important role played by Huma Gro® PROMAX® and PROUD 3®, particularly in the management of nematodes and clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae).

Soil Surfactant Surf-Max™

Dr. Johann Buck demonstrates how SURF-MAX™, the Huma Gro® Turf soil surfactant (http://humagroturf.com/huma-gro-turf-...), helps water penetrate hydrophobic turf thatch and spread evenly through the soil.
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